What are the Best Back to School Marketing Campaigns?

School team flags and fundraiser magnets are becoming more and more popular today. With fundraising for schools, the typical selling candy bars is just not as efficient as it used to be now that people are more concerned about the foods they eat. Fundraising magnets not only makes money, but it also increases the awareness of your school. It helps students and parents show their pride by sticking their school magnets on their cars, refrigerator, or any steel surface. Not only are car magnets easier to sell, they also will make more of a profit. Students selling school magnets can easily sell school magnets to their friends and family to support their school and show their school pride.

School fundraising car magnets are the top selling fundraising item in America. Car magnet fundraisers are effective because you can sell to anyone and promote your school at the same time. In addition to its effectiveness, it is also very versatile. You are not limited to only sticking these magnets on your car. You can stick them on washing machines, refrigerators, whiteboards, doors, mailboxes, or really any surface that is made of steel.

This is how it works…the PTA are the ones that usually order the car magnets as they are usually the ones that run and help out with the fundraisers. First, the PTA request a free virtual magnet, which is a digital image of the car magnet. They can then make any changes to the magnet that they see fit. The printing company will then go back to make any necessary changes to obtain the perfect design. The next step is to come up with how many car magnets you want to order. Oftentimes, the more you order the more discount you will receive. Think about how many student are in your school. Keep in mind that not every parent will buy a magnet but if they do, it is usually one per household. Teachers and school faculty are likely to purchase a magnet and support the school fundraiser. Don’t forget to sell your magnets to local businesses that support your school. Once the quantity is set, production will begin. Normally, it takes about 2 weeks for us to design, print, and ship your magnets.

When your magnets arrive, this is when you can start your fundraiser. Once people start noticing your magnets on the cars at your school, parents will be buying more and more for other families to support your school. Don’t wait, design and order your car magnets from Car-Magnets.net today! We offer the best pricing in town and the fastest turnaround. Order your car magnets today and start fundraising for your school, cause, or company!